Blue Painters Tape | 1 1/2" x 60 yd

Painter's Grade Masking Tape with a specially formulated Solvent based rubber adhesive system that provides clean removal characteristics and UV resistance - up to 14 days of outdoor exposure. Special characteristic of the adhesive system that the peel adhesion does not increase with time, allow for removal off a wide variety of surfaces without surface damage. Rolls are individually edge shrink wrapped - perfect for retail sales.

  • Quick stick 17.6 oz/in.
  • Elongation: 10 degrees.
  • 3" TalonTape core.
  • Tensile: 27.8 lbs/in.
  • Peel adhesion: 19.4 oz/in.
  • Maximum temperature resistance: 203 degrees F.
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1 1/2" x 60 yd

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Blue Painters Tape | 1 1/2" x 60 yd