Meet the Tall Kitchen ForceFlex® Plus ™ Drawstring Bags

Meet the Tall Kitchen ForceFlex® Plus ™ Drawstring Bags

The heavy loads are not comparable to Glad®'s exclusive ForceFlex® Plus ™ technology, which features two layers of elastic resistance designed to trap liquids and stretches to prevent punctures and tears.

Product Characteristics

  • Stretchable Strength: Stronger ForceFlex® Plus™ technology to handle the most demanding kitchen trash job.
  • Guard Against Leaks: Unique two layer design and large diamond pattern channels liquids between the layers and away from your can.
  • Two-layer Technology: Two layer protection stretches to prevent rips and tears.
  • 5 Days Odor-Control Guarantee: Neutralizes odors with unscented odor control.
  • Size Matters: Wide enough to fit containers up to 2 feet (1 ft 11 3/4 inches), with unscented odor neutralization for the smelliest trash. Dimensions: 1ft 11 3/4 in x 2ft 7/8 in | 60.3cm x 63.2cm.

This specific product has several fragrances: unscented, fresh clean, mediterranean lavender, hawaiian aloha, gain original, fresh lemon.

Still not convinced by this product? Well here we present some comments from buyers:

I am so pleased with The new "Glad ForceFlex Plus 13-gallon trash bag! The bag gripped my trash can perfectly! I like that it was unscented and had odor guard! Great product!!

Tried this bag for the first time ..I was very pleased.. no odor even with cat food cans thrown in 3 days before ..pleasant odor control scent.. held alot of garbage without tearing.. even when carrying it out.. the heaviness did not stress the bag to point of breaking. No leaks in my garbage can either. I highly recommend this product.

I only use Glad for my kitchen garbage cans, so when I received the samples of the odor shield bags, I was thrilled. My teenagers usually fill the can quick, so I love that I can smash the trash down and not have a ripped bag, when I pull the bag out!

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Feb 14th 2019

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