How to use 20-Grit Rub Brick

How to use 20-Grit Rub Brick

Before you know how to use 20-Grit Rub Brick you must know what it is: 20 sand ribbed silicon carbide stone. Ideal for tamping and removing shape marks from concrete, cleaning bricks or tamping freshly cut tiles.

Fluted silicon carbide rub bricks makes dressing down concrete fast and easy. The fluted brick is on a diagonal, which provides long, sharp edges to help with stubborn materials while carrying away the excess debris.

This 1" thick, 20" sandstone brick smoothes concrete to a fine finish. Connected to a contoured plastic handle to minimize fatigue.

Preferred by cement finishing companies for its ease of use.

A popular tool for creating a professional smooth finish on concrete, especially in excess cement formwork.

Favorite tool for the preparation and application of decorative concrete.

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Aug 26th 2019

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