6 Home Window Cleaning Tips

6 Home Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning windows is considered a tedious and complicated job, as it is a part of the house that gets dirty very often because of its exposure to outdoor pollution, it is a waste of money when buying different products for this work.

To save you time and money, here are some tips to follow that will help you get everything clean and bright in no time.

1. Clean the frame

Before proceeding to clean the windows, we must clean the frame because if we do it at the end, we can dirty the windows again, thus generating double work.

Depending on the type of material in which these frames are constructed, we will proceed to clean them in one way or another:

  • Aluminium: we will have to clean them with a solution of hot water and detergent.
  • Wood: use a soft cloth soaked in equal parts in skimmed milk and cold water, or in cold tea for varnished wood.

2. Choose the cleaning product

To clean the windows, we can use specific window cleaners that we will find in any shop or supermarket but we can also prepare a homemade solution ourselves.

3. Clean and Dry

To be able to clean the windows we will need two buckets as one we will use to clean (put the sponge and soak it) and the other to rinse. We will have to change the water with frequency, especially of the second one, to obtain good results. In the case that we use a sprayer, we only need to have a bucket to rinse the sponge because we will be applying the product directly on the crystals.

To dry the crystals, it is recommended to use clean newspaper or a soft cloth. Never rub dirty windows with a dry cloth as you would scratch the glass due to soiling.

4. If the windows are very dirty, use a sponge!

In case the windows are very dirty we will have to use a porous sponge and two buckets because, this way, it will be the way that we will have to be able to take the dirt embedded in the crystals and rinse it with clean water.

It is also recommended that you clean from top to bottom to prevent water dripping.

Microfiber cloths are very useful to clean the glass dry so you can choose this material to clean the windows and remain as new.

5. Extra tricks!

One of the most effective ways to keep the rest of the house from getting dirty when you're cleaning is to place a towel on the shelf that will absorb the water you're using and, therefore, prevent it from falling on the floor.

Another trick you can follow is to remove the deepest and most difficult stains with the help of alcohol, this product applied on a cloth will help you deal with the most persistent marks getting them removed altogether. For it, you will have to throw alcohol in a cloth and rub the crystals, with another clean cloth and wet in water you will be able to clean the stain. A piece of newspaper will serve you to dry it and that the result is impeccable.

6. Clean the windows on the outside!

Now let's attack the cleaning of the crystals on the outside, one of the hardest parts to get to work.

If you live in a house with a terrace or garden you can clean them directly by applying the pressurized water that will come out from the hose, you will get rid of any remaining dirt and make the crystals are perfect. However, you will have to rinse with low pressure water to achieve a meticulous result.

But if you live on a floor, it is best to opt for a cleaning mop that has cloths that can be changed, wiping it from top to bottom to remove any dirt that may have embedded. Corners are hard to clean, so one trick is to do it with a toothbrush that will help you reach these areas perfectly.

Here's a tip: clean the inside windows with horizontal movements (from right to left, for example) and the outside vertical movements (from top to bottom). The reason is that it will help you to discover if there is some glass that you have not managed to clean well and, quickly, you will be able to see which they are: if they are striped they are those of outside and if they are in horizontal lines they are those of inside.

Source: https://hogar.uncomo.com

Sep 2nd 2019

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